All jewellery can eventually tarnish, but your best defense is to be vigilant and properly care for your jewellery.
  • Makeup first, then accessories
  • Take off jewellery before showering or swimming.

Lotions, hairspray, soaps/shampoos and certain cosmetics have chemicals in it that can cause damage to jewellery, such as tarnishing.

Pools and jacuzzis are full of chlorine, which can also discolor your jewellery.
So play it safe: put on jewellery after putting on makeup, and taking off before showering and swimming, so you can limit your jewellery’s exposure to the chemicals.

Be smart about safekeeping
Properly storing your jewellery will help keeping it looking new.
Please store your jewellery in the jewellery box or plastic/fabric bag for protection and remember to keep it closed or sealed as much as possible to keep out oxidants that can tarnish and dull your pieces.


Care for sterling silver jewellery
Sterling silver jewellery deserves extra special care, so for these precious items we recommend a silver polish.
You can purchase quality silver cream or clothes from most jewellery stores, drug stores and even supermarkets.
Treat it with care and it will last you a lifetime!!